Lorraine Davee<span class='designCredentials'>, Managing Broker</span>
Lorraine Davee, Managing Broker
Windermere Real Estate
840 N. Madison Avenue Bainbridge Island, WA 98110  |  Cell: 206-794-3397  |  Email: LDavee@windermere.com

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Bainbridge Island PropertiesLorraine directed us to one of the best builders on the island and to a neighborhood that is absolutely great for our family. We are very pleased with what she has done for us. We are grateful to have met and to have worked with Lauren; she knows her business so well. She knows the island neighborhoods and builders, too. We enjoyed her sense of humor!
~Joe & Beth Gildner

Lorraine was a joy to work with and performed one back flip after another to get us everything we wanted and then some. We will be thrilled to recommend her services to anyone we know who wants to buy on the island.
~Imbert & Karen Matthee

I cannot say enough about Lorraine, and her efforts on our behalf. She is a caring, thoughtful person as well as a thorough, knowledgeable real estate agent. In addition to responding immediately to my requests and questions, she worked diligently to identify homes that met our criteria.  My desire to include the kids in the process did not phase her one bit. She pursued the transaction until she made it work, regardless of the obstacles. Thank you for providing the community (and my family) with an organization that is both professional and compassionate.
~Laurie Lusk

I just want to go on record stating what a wonderful agent you have in Lorraine Davee. When I had my parents' home on the market, she was a great help to me as I was very naive about the whole process of real estate. She explained very clearly and walked me through expertly and was always there if I had any questions, day or night. Lorraine was completely professional. She represented my best interest throughout the process, and when I decided not to sell but to option for life estate and live in the house, she was extremely supportive even as it cost her a sale.

She has high ethics and standards and is someone who brings total professionalism to real estate. I will highly recommend Lorraine to anyone who is looking for a professional and caring real estate agent to represent them in any dealings they may have regarding real estate issues.
~Janet Harris

Lorraine Davee, Managing Broker

Cell: 206-794-3397 | Email:LDavee@windermere.com
Windermere Real Estate
Windermere Real Estate/Bainbridge Island

Lorraine Davee | 840 N. Madison Avenue Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 | Cell: 206-794-3397 | Email: LDavee@windermere.com
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